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Welcome to Panther Trade LTD. We are a leading company specializing in the Forex and Cryptocurrency market!

Our goal is to achieve the maximum return on the Forex and Cryptocurrency market. If you want to enter the world of online currency and crypto currency trading market, then welcome to our fund. Investments with Panther Trade LTD are affordable, safe and suitable for many investors.

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Each registered user of the site panther-trade.com has a unique opportunity to earn money without own investment with the help of a three-level partner system. Depending on the activities of your own team, you can earn up to 9% of the total investment of referrals.


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Why we are chosen?

Panther Trade LTD offers a fast and reliable way to earn money in the Forex and Cryptocurrency market and invites everyone to official and long-term cooperation.

We work under license

The company is registered in the UK and provides legal trust management services throughout the world.

User-friendly interface

Regardless of whether you are a novice or already experienced in online investment, we are confident that you will find our platform easy to use.

Professional team

We follow the principle of minimum risk and maximum profit, so that you will always be pleased by our results.

Instant withdrawal

You can withdraw money at any time, and the sum will be credited to your wallet in a few seconds.


We have one of the best protection systems in the world against DDOS attacks.

Affiliate program

We offer a three-level affiliate program as an additional opportunity to earn money for you.

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